Outside Plant Design – Episode 1

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Episode 1Route DesignToday, let’s talk about route design. One of the great fears of the outside plant designer lies in what may happen in the future. What if the road is widened. What if a new subdivision or office park is built.When you’re planning a new route, one of the first things to do is […]

Death of the Landline

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You may have seen in the news a couple of weeks ago that the CWA was challenging Verizon for not allowing its members to maintain the company’s extensive copper plant network and for a memo that was sent out to its workers in Pennsylvania stating in part that copper plant should not be repaired. Instead […]

Larry Romig's passing

Larry Romig’s Passing

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  I heard from Harry Pfister that Larry Romig passed away last Saturday November 14. Larry was the first and I can say without hesitation, the best BICSI Executive Director, of all of us who have held that position. In it’s early years, BICSI was managed by USFs Center for Continuing Education, with Larry being […]

Certified Network Infrastructure Design (CNID)

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Just attained my CNID status from CNet training.  Recently announced by CNet Training, the Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP®) program is designed to arm telecommunications and data communications engineers with the full skill-sets, knowledge and industry recognized certification to complete detailed design and well-planned telecommunications and data communications design projects.


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The RCDD program has held the enviable position of being “The Only Game in Town” when it comes to credentialed ICT Designers, but it appears that there is a new challenger. Andrew Stevens of CNet training recently announced their Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP) and at first glance appears to be in direct competition […]