RCDD Exam Prep Course (20 hours)

This RCDD Review Course is a live online classroom where everyone can see and speak with each other as well as share information. Unlike other self guided courses, your class will be led by a live instructor every evening.

Cost $995
OSP Exam Prep Course (8 hours)

This live online course is 8 hrs in length and is spread over 4 days. We will review all of the chapters in the current version of the OSPDRM.


Cost $525
Telecommunications Expert Witness

Since 1996, I’ve been providing expert witness services to the Telecommunications Industry. I specialize in the cabling infrastructure that serves various segments, whether inside buildings or outside on pole lines or underground.

Cost $295 per hour
Test Taking Strategies Audiobook

In this audiobook chapter, I’ll be talking about how the RCDD exam is developed, study techniques and test taking strategies. Stream it live on any of your devices.


Cost $Free
Infrastructure Design

These courses cover all aspects of designing ISP and OSP facilities. They can be delivered as an Instructor led online course or a live classroom based course. Details coming soon.



Cost $Varies
Drone Flight Training & FAA Part 107 Knowledge Prep

This is 2 days of intensive training with the goal of helping you understand the rules and regulations around flying your drone as well as the hands on skills needed to fly it.


Cost $995


Chuck Bowser III

Technical Training Manager - Leviton

In my dealings with David I have found him to be a wealth of knowledge about our industry. I highly recommend any class he teaches.

Chuck Bowser III

Paul Hiebing

EXP - Technology Design Service Group Leader

The RCDD test prep course was extremely valuable to me, being a busy professional looking to advance his career through additional accreditation. The fact that the course is online and after work hours went a long way to allowing me to fit the classes into my schedule, and David was very accommodating to interruptions due to my work travel schedule. The course highlights the critical items required to know to pass the test, and David also offers some strategies regarding what information to pay attention to, as well as how to deal with some of the idiosyncrasies of the TDMM itself. I highly recommend this course to people who have a good handle on the material and need the additional push to learning the material, especially people who don’t have a lot of spare time.

Paul Hiebing

Sam Rosenthal

Telecommunications Consultant

In the many years that I have known David, he has proven himself to be of utmost character with great depth of knowledge in the industry and has always proven his ability to go above and beyond the expectations of his position in every endeavor I have had the pleasure to work with him on.

Sam Rosenthal

Some of our Clients