The Tower of Babel Conundrum

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BICSI is in many countries around the world and language barriers have always been a concern, both in terms of publications, training and presentations at conferences. I’ve talked to a few of the international members about this and got a wide range of opinions. On the one extreme, I was told that all training and […]

Survey Results

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[Spider_Video_Player id=”3″] As of today the results of my survey indicate that 81% of you would like to see all of the chapters from the TDMM included in my a la carte selection of review courses. So, over the next couple of weeks, I”ll be making announcements concerning the addition of the remaining core chapters […]

What is ILO

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Our approach to teaching is to provide (ILO) instructor led online courses that are based on the principals of problem based learning. So what is the difference between an online and an Instructor led online course. Most online courses are self paced and while they fill a need, they don’t adequately address how most students […]

Who Are We?

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Last month at the BICSI conference in Orlando, while I was listening to a presentation, it occurred to me that we have multiple names for defining the industry we work in. The NEC identifies us as Communications in Section 800, the Master Format has us defined as Communications in Division 27. BICSI used to refer […]

Past President’s Logo

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Last week at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, Fl., the Board of Directors presented each Past President with their own unique logo.  The number to the right indicates their position in the line of BICSI Presidents.  I was President 1990-1991 making me the 10th President and reminiscing, I remember that we had around 1600 […]