BICSI Board positions running unopposed

Last evening, I received the slate of candidates for this years’ election and it’s troubling to see that the positions of Western Region Director and Canadian Region Director are running unopposed and the position of South Central Region Director has only two candidates. This is not the first time that BICSI has encountered this problem over the past couple of years and is an alarming trend.

Sitting on the Board used to be a great honor and candidates were easily able to get the support of their companies. And I don’t think we can just write it off to a bad economy, there must be something deeper.

I’m sure that the Board of Directors has discussed this issue, but they can’t solve it just by talking among themselves. 

So, why do you as an individual or a member choose not to run for office and what does BICSI need to do to attract more candidates for Board positions. What are your thoughts.

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