My View on Linkedin Status Updates


[one_half padding=”0 25px 0 25px”]I was an early adopter of Linkedin and have found it to be very useful over the years.  But, things have changed and I”m not happy. 

The other day, I was reading an article that recommended posting a link to a newsworthy article. While I like the sharing option and feel it can be valuable, why not give your opinion of the article versus just hitting the share button. When I see a string of “Shares” from one of my contacts, I loose interest in what they have to say, but if they take the time to comment on the article, I”ll usually stop and read it.

Their next recommendation was to include a “quote of the day” using Twitter hastags as a resource. Please……I don”t read Linkedin posts to see a list of trite sayings.


[one_half_last padding=”0 25px 0 25px”]And the recommendation format is just a joke.  I constantly have my contacts recommending me for skills that they can’t possibly have any direct knowledge of…….not to mention being recommended for “New Skills” . Under the old format, when we took the time to craft a recommendation for a person, it had some value.

And finally, I don’t really need to know when you’ve taken a new profile picture, I’ll see it on your posts. Let”s all change our settings and get rid of some of the spam in our Linkedin feeds. I went to my profile and under activity broadcasts unchecked the box that shows everyone when I update my profile etc.

Thoughts or comments?




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