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I told you yesterday that I'd be giving you some reasons to choose Ventoux Learning Network as you study to sit for your RCDD exam. I'm David Cranmer RCDD and I'll be your instructor but, it occurred to me that many of you may not be familiar with what I've done in our industry and what makes me qualified to help you. So, here are some of the highlights.

SME for BICSI TDM Manual – 1 year

(Authored portions of the early editions of the TDMM)

BICSI Western Conference organizer – 4 years

(Responsible for development of program and onsite conference activities)

President BICSI – 2 years

(Established first permanent BICSI office)

Owner – Engineering & Construction Company – 10 years

(Provided OSP & ISP engineering and construction services)

SME during development of BICSI Installation Program – 2 years

(Designed hands-on training and testing portion of lab area)

Chair of Installation Program Committee – 10 years

(As a committee, we recommended policy that is still used today)

BICSI Auditor – Insured quality of BICSI's Installation program which was being delivered by licensees (Domestic & International)

(Visited licensee locations and audited classroom presentations as well as testing procedures to insure compliance with BICSI policy)

SME for BICSI OSP Design Reference Manual – 2 years

(Authored major portions of the first 2 editions of the OSPDRM)

BICSI CEO/ED – 2 years

(Turned around management of the association after several years of mismanagement and low employee moral)

BICSI Master Instructor – 4 years

(Taught various BICSI design courses around the world)

BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge Judge – 5 years

(Judged various skill sets of Installers and Technicians during the event)

ICT Expert Witness – 20 years

(Currently testifying on cases involving facilities damage and design irregularities)

President/Owner Ventoux Learning Network – 5 years

(Currently teaching ICT design and review courses around the world to both the private sector and the military)

As you can see, I have a diverse background in all facets of OSP/ISP design and construction which allows me to give you insights on a wide range of topics.

This course is 10 days in duration (2 hours per night) and is designed to touch on every page of the core chapters (1 through 11 & 15) within the 13th edition of the TDMM. We'll spend enough time each evening to make sure the information is clear to everyone. Our goal is to help you understand the material, not just memorize it.

For the non core chapters (12 through 14 & 16 through 21), we'll spend the last 2 evenings doing a high level review. Remember that only 20% of your questions will come from these chapters.

We want you to be successful, but if you don't pass your exam, you can come back through our course again at no charge. We know you have choices when it comes to reviewing for your RCDD exam. There are options for self directed online review courses and for classroom based courses. But, we feel that we have the better solution.


I'll be at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando from January 20-24 to tell you more about the course. You can reach me at 813.841.8000 or davidc@ventouxlearningnetwork.com to schedule a time to meet. I look forward to seeing you there.

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