Drone Flight Training & FAA Part 107 Knowledge Prep

This is 2 days of intensive training with the goal of helping you understand the rules and regulations around flying your drone as well as the hands on skills needed to fly it.

RCDD Exam Prep Course

There are 2 versions of this live online course. The first reviews all 21 chapters in the current version of the TDMM. The second reviews only the core chapters

OSP Exam Prep Course

This live online course is 8 hrs in length and is spread over 4 days. We will review all of the chapters in the current version of the OSPDRM.

Infrastructure Design Course

These courses cover all aspects of designing ISP and OSP facilities. They can be delivered as an Instructor led online course or a live classroom based course. Details coming soon.

Telecommunications Expert Witness

Since 1996, I’ve been providing expert witness services to the Telecommunications Industry. I specialize in the cabling infrastructure that serves various segments, whether inside buildings or outside on pole lines or underground.

Test Taking Strategies Audiobook

In this audiobook chapter, I’ll be talking about how the RCDD exam is developed, study techniques and test taking strategies. Stream it live on any of your devices.